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The plant needs well-drained mildly acidic soil and direct sunlight to bloom profusely. You can add some feedings what ever your plants love and keep them trimmed a bit from tips so that they can conserve energy and produce flowers.All the Best from Rizwana! Dear Rizwana:Thank you for the suggestions regarding sunlight requirements and watering my ixoras during winter. My father tells me that mogra plants back in his childhood in his village used to bloom a lot so I am eager to know how to do so..... pls do reply thanks in advance. Hope this helps, God Bless from Rizwana! Dear Rizwana: I planted a yellow ixora in my window garden four months ago. Its in bangalore and is put facing East, so it receives direct sunlight till 12pm. I bought it from a nursery two months ago - it just had one or two buds..i repotted it and also added some vermicompost. The reason might be- 1) Too much feedings, wash this out, with water. T each plant has different needs, observe them, they communicate.Hibiscus plant does well with ready mixes available from nursery and marigolds need well draining soil and sunlight, avoid over watering most marigolds die due to water clogging, and of course take care from rats! Arabian Jasmine (Jasminum sambac, olive family Oleaceae) is an evergreen shrub native to India, but is also planted in most tropical climates around the world.It is the national flower of Indonesia and the Philippines. maybe the plant will recover. Like Share Comment for the Love of Gardening! Powered by. I intended to buy a mogra plant and needed some tips. Thank you very much Anonymous for sharing this wonderful information for readers of garden care Simplified. My mom's fed up of taking care and has decided to give it one last chance this coming season. One of the plus points of salvia is that it is a low maintenance plant in contrast to rose or ananta as it needs only about 100 ml of water per day. OMG Sneha! Elephants Are Beating the Heat With Watermelons, Aren’t You? Its speciality is that the flowers bloom only at night and give off a very fragrant aroma. Thanks :). Since I purchased it in July, many of the old leaves look brownish and the plant has but forth only one new leaf in the last month or so. Would highly recommend application of neem powder by ring method around plant roots. It is pretty moist these days out here and not sure if that encouraged the white-insect to attach to the plant.regards,Vikas S. so sorry to hear about your mogra plant, mogra plant needs strong sunlight, try to place it if possible for some time daily under the sun.Usually i have seen these help only in the beginning as with hibiscus I no longer could save the many many colorful flowering plants from white insects even after thorough washes.Mogra is a tough plant, try physically removing the insects with stick as much as possible , scrape the stem with a less sharp knife, trim few stems, to encourage new growth, and strong sunlight, this is what i did.Hope this helps,All the Best! What you seek is seeking you...Those the Universe chooses find me! Usually I remove the dried leaves and trim off a bit of the tip of the stem to make it spread side ways. Give the plant thorough wash spray, frequently to remove bugs, change place,need more sunlight to flower.Hope this helps, Take Care! The plant requires full sunlight for best blooming. It has a tiny bud like growth but it does not bloom. but it has not bloomed even once. Hello Anonymous welcoem to Garden Care Simplified.Yellow Ixora are unique colored flowers, we have the red and peach colored ones., must be looking great in bunches.The most strongest ones are of peach colored that grow and flower whole year round. Hi Rizwana,Around a month back I bought 2 mogra plants (different variety), each about 8-10" tall. Be patient with your plants, they will never disappoint you - I waited for 1.5 years for Mogu to bloom!2. Hello Dr. Vivek, during winters the leaves start falling off and the Ixora plant sometimes also shrivels with cold winds.Try to keep the pot in sunlight at least morning or afternoons. The flowers are harvested in bud stage either in the evening or early in the morning by handpicking. I had left a few big leaves on and they are doing ok. Although native to India, it is commonly known as Arabian Jasmine. Nursery guy gave me a packet of unbranded fertiliser that looks like small pebbles. I'd greatly appreciate your advice. I wanted to know how to take care of them during monsson. hope it helped..I think your plant may need to get adjusted to the new environment.Try to Give it some time and see.Are these water burns, maybe if you add water during hot afternoons the leaves get burnt and become white translucent.Avoid watering afternoons, late afternoons during summer.Too little watering or less sunlight can also show leaves whitening, as is the case happens for indoor plants.Another check for bugs, red flying beetle, eating leaves and making holes. by ; January 1, 2021 I am residing in Jodhpur, so you know the climate :) but we have no water scarcity. It is the double flowering types that are known as Motiya or Mogra in India. No I never add any other sprays, I wash with water with pressure and scrape off manually , try trimming some leaves . And is there a good nursery in Thane or Mumbai where I can get them? Every six months add fertilizer if possible cowdung, or ready mixes available in the nursery and your plant will give you the gift of blooms!wish you luck for your mogra plant. Visit ous at like a climber.Is it better to trim this off ?ORjust wait it out and let the plant grow healthier and bigger.Regards,Vikas S. Vikas this is such great news, always this gives me immense happiness when a sick plant recovers. any chances of getting it life? Jasminum sambac (Arabian jasmine) will reach a height of 3m and a spread of 3m after 5-10 years.. For six months, the plant put forth at least 105 buds but since the end of August, flowering has slowed considerably and the leaves have turned yellow. 99. I would not personally recommend the cultivation of salvia divinorum as an indoor plant. I merely want to thank you for your blog. Thursday, December 31, 2020; Publisher - Helping the world grow. Thank you. Sunlight: The plant requires full sunlight for best blooming. When buds of mogra are small in size, become brown and drop, it is one of the reasons-1) Too much sunlight2) Too much fertilizer3) Too many buds on small bush4) Black or red ants5) Watering during full sunlight, hot timesMostly I have seen my plants show this when they are given too much feedings! Hello Ma'am,I have a mogra plant that I got last year which bloomed twice then. I'm a plant lover and loves gardening(though developed this interest a few months back). i am waiting since a month now but no progress. Pruning: Defoliation is followed by a light pruning of stems. Soon, the plant put forward a few shoots that were all-sickly. : Moderate Watering is good for Mogra plant. In roses also if you buy the big sized rose plants they hardly give blooms soon even after fertilization, choose a climber creeper or rose bush with tiny button sized roses, these i love, they are all year full of blooms!3) Mogra plants are another one where you just might get lucky to get a good plant.Yes i have parted with so many , and also many lost without any flowers after the first time, but the one strongest and another madanbaan mogra, creepers of jasmine, just got lucky!Get back to the nursery fellows and when you buy next time mention about the loss maybe they will give you a great healthy one this time!Another tip, buy a group of two three mogra plants at a time and plant in one pot.Hope this helps.All the Best! The Mogra plant or Jasminum sambac bears white flowers and is an evergreen shrub with dark green foliage. Please tell me what to do. the plant sprouted lots of green leaves and lots and lots of buds. Hi RizwanaI bought a plant and was blooming fine. It is best to always keep the soil slightly moist. Watering must be done when the top soil layer of your container looks dry. Hi Rizwana,Thanks for your suggestions.I water the plants daily, irrespective of the dry surface. chanced upon my page from Google search, Please do share ,You may not need it Remove and see if there are roots alive or rotten, you may still be able to save if the leaves have fallen yet the stem is green, Hello Rizwana I have three Morgan plants and residing in Delhi None of them bloom one is very near to the mango tree in the ground what to do please suggest, I am glad to find amazing information from the blog. Thanks. The heavy scented. The plants are good in condition. Flowers are long-lasting. *Thanks a lot for your suggestions! Buy ready plants that have flowers on them and small buds also.and check out for any insect eaten leaves or droopy leaves,sign of sick plants.Have a Great New Year Ahead, Happy gardening!. Hi Sanket, Thanks for stopping by.It happens often that once the plant has given blooms it take Some time off.Yes your father must have remembered the mogra plants which were planted in ground and this requires less care once it has rooted well.In olden days people used to add food remains, water after cleaning vegetables and cuttings and remains of fruits etc, this was the natural fertilizer which helped the plant to bloom. Hi Rizwana ,I have brought 8 Mogra plants together and planted them in the building premises. Just like my mogra that was sick with red root bugs , and I scraped them...each stick, manually removed them, and touch wood, it is so happy with us since the past ten years! Lovely blog. Belle of India: Its blooming well and growth is also good.2. Narendra thanks for the lovely comment and coming by Garden Care Simplified.Delhi climate is sure very extremes with too hot and too cold!In extreme hot climates water any plant twice during summers it will be fine.Mogra plant fragrant white flowers, so many varieties, we have three types of mogra flowering plant at present. Can you suggest me what needs to be done to make it bloom again as it was when purchased?? But in recent times no bud has been grown, and the leaves have not dried at all. Sure do try, take care and have a Nice day! Garden Care is a simple blog from my heart and a piece of my life I share here Jenny, thank you for coming by Garden Care Simplified and this is so luring pieces, I love gemstones, http://obsessedoverstones.blogspot.inthis is such a great temptation, do share with readers there.All the Best! well draining soil, The mogra plant needs feedings, if done well the plant will bloom well. I have mogra, roses and chameli already. well Khyati then you will have to wait since you cannot trim the only leaves the poor plant has to make food!In case of profuse growth the tips are trimmed to encourage blooms, that is approximately inch or more near the end of stem.hope this helps. 1) Anant plant , rare, does not flower soon, requires everyday partial sunlight, did you buy a plant with flowers and buds? Hi SciEntiStyou may avoid trimmming in very hot season, and afternoons. Hello Anonymous this is a beautiful color flowering plant, Aboli, I am not sure about deficiencies, I only go with observation and think what might have been going wrong, but have seen that when there is too much sunlight, too much fertiliser, or the plant begins to grow very fast the lower leaves tend to turn purplish and fall off.

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